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May 22, 2019
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How Are Automated Testing Tools Better Than Traditional Ones?

Feb 18, 2019

With technology come better products and services. And merging with the emerging needs of the businesses today, the software and tools have variations in them. What was once loved as the most suited technique for testing tools and software is an outdated one today. All thanks to the developing economy and businesses in line with it.

Today there are automated testing tools empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. These serve as meaningful enough in reducing the efforts put into checking each of the software while also decreasing the inefficient results. Here is how the new techno tools have reduced the importance of traditional ones.

Test design and process

The traditional models of test designing and processing involved a lot of manual input. Be it the designing of the test scripts, choosing the time, technicalities etc everything needed to be done by manual input for every test taken. But with the growth of the continuous testing platform the human need has marginalized. Once the tools are set initially they have referential integrity and automated test care generation abilities to ensure that continuous tests are done repeatedly.

Coding and programming

Traditionally the test tools required intensive coding to set the references for running tests. And this involved setting of new scripts each time a test was to be done. But now the technology has evolved bringing in codeless automation tools that are smart enough to function in built in frameworks bringing in reusable and modular ease.

Execution of the tests

With the introduction of cloud computing systems and a range of compatible operating systems the new techno tools can be easily used on a vast range of platforms. These are compatible with majority of the operating systems. Browsers, programming languages, cloud based software etc. Earlier there was a need to get integration done externally to make a tool connected to cloud or operating systems.

Hefty pricing structure

Of course technology and advanced tools were rare a few years back. And therefore the purchase of the software and tools required licenses and hefty prices to pay. There were also hidden costs to bear with each new software or tool. But today the growing market has marginalized the cost cutting down on the needs of licenses or hidden costs. It’s a cheap market for even the most advanced technologies.

If you look back into outdated manual testing platforms they require a lot more hard work. Continuous testing platforms are more accurate and easy as compared to them!

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What Makes a Website Efficient?

Feb 2, 2019

When thinking in terms of website building, almost anyone can build one by their own means with the help of online website building tools. However, some people don’t understand that the website doesn’t only have to look attractive, but it should be functional and productive to your business as well. If you are looking for a web design Joondalup, feel free to contact us.

Here are some factors to consider rendering your business or personal website efficient.

  1. Content

It is deemed the meat of your website. People visit your website in order to seek an answer to something. Make your website as easy as possible for your audience to seek that information. The well inscribed content on your website will keep the audience engaged as well as driving more organic traffic to your website to seek that content in the search results.

  1. Design

The design of the website shouldn’t just be aimed to look attractive but it should also be functional and represent your company goals as well. Create a website in such a way that leads to the end user goal and makes it convenient to navigate through your company website to accomplish that goal.

  1. Functionality

The website should always aim at function smoothly or it will frustrate your end user and makes them leave your website right away. Always consider the load time of your website and ensure that the links aren’t broken or the pages aren’t missing.

  1. Usability

This is associated with design again. When you fail to create a good user experience for your website, your visitors will get frustrated and leave your website immediately. When you have a good user flow, it will keep your users indulged in your content and redirect them to your end goal in mind. Having a responsive web design helps in increasing a good user experience and is mandatory for everyone because people are using smartphone these days to shop or simply to browse the web.

  1. Optimization

If your website is well optimized, then it will help in raising your chances of converting your user or make them visit your website again. The only factor you need to consider in this aspect are the images. When you keep the images optimized for web, you will increase the overall speed of your website, hence making it easy for your users to navigate via your content without any frustration.

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